And Finally . . . a word from Judy

Garden-view-06-26-18-webIt’s funny, the things life can throw at you at the most inopportune times.

Last year, I created and posted to my Etsy store several eyeglass strands.  It was a long process deciding exactly what to call them.  The primary choices were lanyard and eyeglass holder.  Neither of which adequately described what my product is.

Yes, you could still classify them as either of those designations, but I’ve always considered by eyeglass strands a much finer item of jewelry.

I was very happy to once again create these items. After all, I had started investing in gemstone and mineral beads with the intent of creating meaningful jewelry back in 2004.  In fact, rededicating myself to the craft of jewelry design as well as other magical things brings a happy anticipation to my work.   Designing with a purely loving intent is a very important ingredient in all my designs as well as other items I choose to list in my store.

I simply cannot work creating anything when there is any hint of negative energy within my energy field.  I find much joy creating products for the positive benefit of whomever finds a need or desire for them.

And so, life  . . . as it sometimes does . . . presented an obstacle that waylaid the best of my plans. This seemingly constant pattern of my life yet again shows itself.

So while I was preparing to continue my design work in early January, fate played her trump cards.

Suffice it to say,  I have a much greater respect for health care workers than ever before.  The people who care for us, or our loved ones . . . who are tasked with changing bed-ridden patients . . . deserve our respect for doing a job that few of us would choose to do.

Now, having first hand experience taking care of my elderly dad – who, at best – is  a difficult patient –  I can tell you it is truly a blessing that there are people who take up this task.  I am so grateful that we found a facility which hopefully proves to be as top-notch as it seems to be.

Am I being cautious in my assessment? You bet.

If I told you the whole story of what brought my Dad . . . a man who just 2 days earlier was riding around in a shopping cart looking for pickles . . . to being bedridden for the past six months, you wouldn’t want to believe it.

Currently, we have been blessed with the VA providing long term care for my Dad.  I now feel the pressure of daily caring for him lifting and I am adjusting my energy towards a positive outflow.

Those who understand personal energy output will have no problem understanding any of this.  Those who do not, well . . . just take it with a grain of salt.

So, while I’ve been absent in furthering my online Etsy business, I’m working on some new items I’m hoping you’ll find of benefit during the Yule Tide.  As my head re-aligns with my heart . . . I’ll be offering more information.

Blessings to all,

Judy Miller


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Meaningful gifts

When Yule Be Magical! was first conceived back in 2011 my intention was to make gifts that would bring a 17SSC0001_V4-PNGlittle magic to everyone during this enchanting time of year.

It’s the perfect time to make a little magic. After all, magic is nothing more than focused attention toward what you want or wish for. What better time could there possibly be to think about what it is we want in the months to come?  What better time to call upon the magic of the Universe and the Creator of All Things to consider our pleas for a better, more healthful and rewarding life?

Creating meaningful Yuletide gifts involves a lot of decision making. Whether its a Yuletide ornament or a beaded reading glasses strand there are many things to consider to create something that will assist in generating positive energy.  Thoughtful attention is given to combining the harmonious energies attributed to each type of stone and even the type of metals that are used.

Can the energies attributed to these precious little gems really help you attract peace, love and joy?  Can they truly assist in alleviating various negative conditions? Some will argue they probably do not.  Others, who are more sensitive to their vibratory emanations would argue otherwise.

This season, items created for Yule Be Magical are all about getting the energy of gemstones and minerals into the auric field, the electromagnetic field which encompasses the human form.  This is my motivating force for returning to my past dream for Yule Be Magical!,  creating items that may facilitate positive benefits for those who use or wear my designs.

I truly love working with gemstones and minerals.  They are, in my opinion, quite magical.  My home is filled with them. Working with my collection of beads to create something beautiful as well as functional that may also bring auspicious vibrations into your personal environment is my intention.

This season Yule Be Magical is offering a variety of  lamp pull chain ornaments, zipper pulls and beaded reading glasses strands to bring a little magic from some of the earth’s most beautiful treasures into your home and auric field.

As a designer, having well over 100 different varieties of gemstone and mineral beads, in different cuts and sizes, I strive to work with their energies to find harmonious combinations that will not only provide positive energetic vibrations, but also be beautiful as well as functional.

To learn more about the possible energies attributed to each gemstone, here are a few of the resources I use and recommend when combining the energies of different gemstones and minerals:

You can also find many great resources online for additional information. One site that I recommend is this download of Michael Gienger’s  Healing Crystals: the A-Z guide to 430 gemstones.

You’ll find my current creations in my Etsy Store, Yule Be Magical.  I welcome the opportunity to work with you to create a custom, personal gift that will bring glad tidings for the New Year.

Gifts that will keep on giving, all year long.

May you be blessed with peace, joy and happiness.

Judy Miller, designer









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The Good News is, I labeled them all.

I have a lot of gemstone and mineral beads.  I’m not sure how much you think a lot is, but for me, having well over 100 different varieties of these lovely little energies is certainly a “lot” to keep organized.  This of course does not include their many different shapes, colors and sizes.  Nor my lovely collection of sterling silver beads and findings.

All of the beads I have in this collection I purchased a few years before I left Florida.  Which now has been about 5 years ago.  My, how time flies.

When the stirrings of a new beginning began forming in my psyche, I started rethinking where I was, where I’ve been and where I want to go.

Still trying to organize a lifetime into a very small cottage type home, I have one bedroom that I use as my office and work space.  I have lots more stuff, not just beads.  I like to make things, all different kinds of things and if you were here, I think you’d understand.

I started Yule Be Magical! back in 2011, then offering handmade mushroom ornaments in my Etsy store.  I sold a few, but was not deterred and was preparing to make more magical things for the 2012 holiday season.  My grandiose plan at that time included handcrafted jewelry as well the mushroom ornaments. I had a whole list of items I wanted to make to sell in my Etsy store.  Suffice it to say, life had other plans for me and it has taken me the past 5 years to come to terms with and let go of the past.

Fast forward to Now.




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. . . tis the season . . .

yuletide green manI came across an image yesterday that steered me into the Yuletide season. I’ve been so busy . . . unpacking more things than I need . . . having to repack what I don’t need underfoot . . .  the blueberry plant fiasco . . . and I still need to till up a new garden plot for them . . . I’ll need to drill and plug the mushroom spawn next week . . . it’s all been so much to do . . . that I’ve little time to really get into the spirit of the season . . .

But this image of the Green Man sparked a little light in my heart . . . the essence of life and rebirth. Being here close to the earth in North Carolina . . . I’m inspired with the hope of a new year . . . and new possibilities. Thinking about the items I would have loved to have created this year but will now focus on for next.

Reproduced from an original painting by Anne Stokes titled Spirit of Yule, I love it.  I love the symbolism of the plants incorporated into a persona that is hopeful and secure . . . something that I wish for everyone at this season of the year.

I guess he’s the closest ideal to the current over commercialized Santa, but with a much more meaningful message.

The holly, the ivy, the mistletoe,  the pine cones . . . and is that stalks of wheat for the beard?

I love the folklore of plants . . . from ancient times . . . when people revered nature and were connected to the earth for protection and sustenance.  We’re fortunate that this lore survives, being passed from one generation to another for our consideration today.  That all these come together this time of year comes as no surprise, as even without saying it aloud,  by having it in  your home you are wishing all who enter the very best of wishes for the coming year.

Holly, for example . . . offers the powers of protection, luck, and dream magic, especially for male members of your family.  The ivy offers protection, healing and luck for the ladies of the house.   Mistletoe has been long used for protection against misfortune of every kind. Pine too attracts protection, healing, fertility or fruitfulness, protection and money.  If that is indeed wheat . . . what a lovely touch as its powers are fertility and money. M0st all evergreen . . . carrying the hope for an eternal life full of peace, joy and happiness as now, even though in the darkness of winter, the light now returns and our days grow longer.

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t wish for himself and his loved ones all these lovely things for the new year . . . I do know I wish this for my family, friends and all of you.

As the little spark is now becoming a little flame . . . I’ll end for now . . . inspired, I have much to do . . . will be back before the solstice . . .

May the magic of the season be yours today and throughout the coming years.

Blessings to all,


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No News is Good News . . . unless . . .

. . . finally . . . a word . . .

Sometimes, especially when personal news is not good news . . . I recede into my Cancerian crab shell, into the deep, but not often dark . . . recesses of my oceans of thoughts.

In early July, my life was turned upside down. Only now do I have the courage to share it with the world . . . more or less.

Skipping through most of the reality of it all . . .  suffice it to say . . . I’m moving from Florida back home to North Carolina.


Ending the last 28 year chapter of my life.

A lot happens in 28 years. Marriage. Family. Personal triumphs . . . and failures.

While earlier this year I had hoped that by now I would be making and listing new hand crafted items for this year’s Yuletide Season, I’m not certain I’ll be settled in time for this year.  Hopefully – if the move go very smoothly – I might have some new items that may make it just in time!

While the recent events of this year seem like bolts of lightning, the only thing I’m really distressed about in this moment is having to sort,  pack up and move roughly 28 years of stuff. Hopefully, once settled into to what may be the perfect working space . . . I’ll be crafting new items as well as listing some of last year’s items.

Turning the page to the future . . .

I go now to pack more boxes.


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Accessing My Priorities . . .

So far, this has been a very busy year for me.

While I didn’t give my Yule Be Magical endeavor a lot of thought the past 3 months . . . now, as we’re moving into the New Year which began at the Spring Vernal Equinox, my thoughts are turning on to what I want to accomplish this year.

My garden is growing. Keeping up with the weeds will be the onerous task this year . . . but one I’m hoping to keep a handle on. I can’t wait to see all the hollyhocks, sunflowers, dahlias, peonies and moon flowers that will make my garden my magical sanctuary.

Now, as the weather here in Florida is really heating up, I’m looking forward as to what my priorities are for this new year. Will I continue to make the mushrooms and the garlands? Probably, though with some alterations. After making nine 6′ garlands for my own Yule Tree this past year . . . I can see where the cost for most people would make it prohibitive.  So, I’ll be focusing on making garlands as swags, that can be used on mantels or over windows or door frames.

I still love my mushrooms. They were so beautiful on the tree. However, they are large, and a bit heavy. And time consuming to make and finish. I do have a new recipe for a home made porcelain clay which is really beautiful . . . so beautiful and translucent, I almost don’t want to paint them.  If you hold them up to a light, it glows. They are a bit smaller, and definitely lighter than my originals. The clay is far more workable, so I could perhaps model them to look even more lifelike. Ill be working on that soon.

As I have decided to conduct some local classes this year, my time will be divided . . . so, I may be making fewer mushrooms, but focusing more on their fine detail.

I’d also like to add more Yule related items to the line-up.

During the past few months I’ve cut trees and saved pretty much all of them. Hopefully I’ll have a great Yule Log next year . . . if the wood dries in time. I also have lots . . . and lots . . . of twigs.  So I may be creating some new items.

While I may continue with listing on Etsy, I may also try to set up my .com. That way I could offer products made by others that I love.

I’ve also re-established working on one of my most personal and spiritual blogs: The Abstract Spirit.

For those of you who know me . . . or think you do . . . my spiritual path is uniquely my own. For some, it may be too far out there . . . and I have avoided sharing it with my family. Yet, at this stage in life I have decided to make no apologies for my personal beliefs.  I am only  now giving you a link to this blog if you are interested. I’ve decided that my views on life and my spiritual journey would be best shared there instead of here. It will also be a place where I can post class related material for those who participate.

Like most everyone, I am a multifaceted individual. So, thanks to WordPress, I have several blogs that reflect my diverse set of interests. Most, until now, have been silent. While I’m not quite ready to reactivate all of them, they do explore interests that are now simmering on the back burner.

So, for now . . . I’ll be posting updates here on my Yule Be Magical items . . . and share my personal views elsewhere.

Wishing you all a most joyous and wonderful Spring Celebration . . . no matter how you honor it.

Love to all,


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There’s Magic in the Air

Magic-in-the-air-image-for-Now that I’m getting settled back into a more normal routine . . . while also organizing my production area . . . I’m also beginning to design this year’s items.  I felt the need to stop for a moment and update what’s in the works for this year’s Yuletide here at Yule Be Magical! (Oh how those bunnies just jump out at me.)

One of the things I truly love about Yule is that it is a celebration of gratitude for the blessings of the old year and of a new beginning in natures life cycle. Symbolically, ancient cultures around the world have used a variety of plants for both spiritual as well as medicinal benefits for thousands of years.

There is a plethora of folklore regarding the uses of native plants and many of the more magical customs that concentrate on bringing good tidings into this new beginning on the yearly wheel of life.

As I bring into my work space my beloved collection of dried nuts, seeds and berries I can feel their positive energies enlivening my environment with a positive energy flow.

Collected years ago when the idea of a Yule Be Magical Etsy store was conceived, I gathered and stored many little gifts from nature to use to create items what would evoke a little earth magic at this pivotal point in this yearly cycle of life.

So now, as the dust continues to settle on my Dad adjusting to a skilled nursing facility, I can begin anew.

For several years now I have longed to get back to work making Yule just a little more magical for a few more people.  I’ll be offering a variety of unique herbal supplies as well as other specially selected items for Yuletide which, according to ancient folklore,  promotes positive blessings and protection for your hearth and home.

I hope you’ll enjoy them.

Blessings to all,



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